Picture of me

DAFOS is Alun Foster, a long-time resident of Brussels, Belgium. Originally from the UK, has been involved in photography for many years and was a full-time freelance photographer for a few years until 2010. Since retiring from a career in Communications, DAFOS is now operated as a partial independent activity, specialising in corporate events and portraits.

You can find my current photographic kit list and some other techy stuff here.

What I do

You can rely on me for:

  • Photo-reportages of Social, Corporate or Private events
  • Portraits for corporate publications or just for fun
  • Object documentation (works of art)
  • Prints, for decoration, home or businesses
  • Preparation of digital photos for making prints, etc...
  • Tutorials, as introduction to full-blown workshops
  • Copywriting or proofreading / correction of various documents (articles, press items, ...) in English

I am also involved with "Viewfinders", an international photography club in Brussels, promoting social integration and understanding though a shared interest in the photographic image.

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