Privacy policy, Cookies, your data and "GDPR"


Since May 25th 2018, the EU's "General Data Protection Regulation" came into force. This regulation provides unprecedented protection of your personal information when it is stored and processed by companies, including on-line services.

Like any small business, DAFOS uses the Internet to inform customers and to run its business (including delivery of photographs and other electronic documents), and consequently takes all necessary measures to protect the users of this site - be they customer or not - from misuse of any personal data that may be collected here.

Firstly, as a leading principle, does not retain data about users of this website. In particular, any data submitted voluntarily (e.g. by e-mail or by using the "contact" form) is processed only to allow communication about the enquiry or, if you give permission, to provide information about DAFOS activities that may be of later interest. User data retained is limited to a name and an email address. Personal information will never be transmitted to third parties unless required by law or specifically requested by the user. Users may request to be removed from this mailing list by using the "Contact" form or by simply sending an email to the indicated address.

DAFOS' customers will receive an invoice, which contains their name and possibly also postal- or email address or VAT number, as required by law. A copy of these invoices is given to the Belgian tax authorities, via an accredited accountant based in Belgium, as an obligatory reporting of DAFOS' financial activities.

DAFOS, in the sense of the GDPR is the "Data Controller" (the one who collects, manages and dictates the use of the data), and DAFOS' file storage ("cloud"), website and associated email servers are hosted by "", while administative tasks make use of Microsoft Office 365 services. These companies are referred to as the "Data Processor" in the GDPR. Both and Microsoft provide the necessary assurance of data protection via their "Data Processing Agreement" ( and "Data Processing Addendum" (Microsoft). This gives to you, the user, and to DAFOS the clear assurance that any data stored by them is protected to the highest level against fraudulent activity.

DAFOS' web and email hosting is configured to use the "https" protocol, which assures the security and privacy of the data being exchanged between DAFOS and the user.

Cookie policy

Cookies - small pieces of data that a web browser uses to store information relevant for viewing Internet pages - are an essential part of browsing web sites. They are necessary for technical reasons to ensure that a user can see web pages, though this type of "essential" cookie does not store information about a particular user. Some web sites can use cookies that store information that could allow a user to be identified, for example for marketing purposes. Though useful in some cases, these cookies are not essential for the technical operation of a web-site - they are optional.

The DAFOS website does not make use of any cookies that can track user activity. The only cookie used explicitly by this site is to remember that you've been here before and to not automatically show you the cookie acceptance message again. It cannot later be used to identify a user and will automatically expire after a maximum of 12 months, requiring the user to accept the Privacy and Cookie policy once more.

Note that DAFOS is not responsible for the behaviour of sites or services outside of our control that may link to this site, nor for any sites that may be linked to from here.