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Public or Private/Corporate Events

DAFOS can provide a still-images record of your private, corporate or public events, such as parties, social events, vernissages, conferences, press-conferences, bachelor(ette) events, parades, ... (I don't do video, though can subcontract this if required). Prices are agreed in advance, based on the foreseen time on site.

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A special kind of event

The opening event (and, increasingly, closing event) of an art or photography exhibition is an important part of publicity, for artists and galleries alike. (I don't do video, though can subcontract this if required). In addition, a photographic record of the exhibition layout/arrangement can be a document of lasting value. Prices are agreed in advance, based on the foreseen time on site.

Art documentation

Art documentation, for publicity

Images of works of art for use in publicity materials requires a specific approach. DAFOS' workflow is based around Phase One's Capture One Pro photo processing and X-Rite Pantone® colour management products, widely regarded as industry references, as this field requires that colours are rendered as accurately as possible. This type of work is usually done on site, using portable studio equipment, and is charged per hour.



Whether to advertise your B&B or hotel, to capture your beautiful home or for selling properties, attractive images are key. Work is charged per hour on site and prices include travel to the location for properties in the general Brussels area.


Portrait / "Headshot" Sessions

Portrait sessions at the clients location of choice, using a portable studio set-up. These can be individual portraits for personal or corporate uses, or series of "headshots" for company web-sites, security badges, etc... Price inlcludes delivery of selected images from the whole shoot, suitable for prints, web-pages/social media and "thumbnails" for web use. Sessions are typically 2 to 3 hours, and prices include travel in the general Brussels area.

Passport photos

New service: UK Passport photos, optionally with "IDPC" code used by HMPO to speed up passport applications or renewals. Pictures can be taken at a location of your choice. Significant discount if taken at my location in Uccle/Ukkel. Please contact me for details.

Copy Editing

Correction / augmentation of text in English

As a native English speaker, DAFOS can provide basic text correction and augmentation of written material in English. Brochures, flyers, exhibition catalogues, artists' statements etc... that are aimed for an international audience can all benefit from clear, correct use of English.


Tutorial Sessions

DAFOS' "tutorials" are short, introductory 'lessons' to help you get more fun and pleasure out of photography.

Tutorials are organised "on-request", and can be private sessions for small- to medium-sized groups. They are designed to be a pleasant activity and are popular events for social clubs or other organisations, and may be useful as preparation for those wishing to move on to full-blown workshops.

Pricing varies depending on the number of people attending, with special rates for members of "Viewfinders".

Digital File Preparation

Beautiful prints and books...

Print preparation requires technical knowledge and skill to get the best results. While some trimming of the content of an image may be undertaken on request (e.g. removing rubbish on the floor, "dust-bunnies", ...) it is not the same as "retouching" or "photoshopping", which is work for other specialists. Price depends on the number of prints and amount of correction needed.

For a detailed price quote, please contact me.

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